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Shopping Guide


1. How to buy TOGOODOR products?

Non-member purchase methods:

Pick a product> Click a product> Select the product "Specifications"> Enter the purchase "Quantity"> Click "Add to Cart"> Click "Checkout"> Enter "Email"> Fill in "Recipient Information"> Select "Shipping Method" ”> Select“ Payment method ”, and the order will be generated after payment is completed.

* Membership shopping method: (This method is recommended)

"Registration / Login" member> select product> click product> select product "specification"> enter purchase "quantity"> click "add to cart"> click "checkout"> select "payment method", the order will be generated after payment .

2. What are the payment methods?

Credit Card
Online transfer / ATM

3. Shipping instructions:

After the order is completed, TOGOODOR mall warehouse staff will arrange the shipment for you the next day.
* Delivery time: 3-7 days (working day is the benchmark)

Transportation costs by region:


(Order amount over $ 49 , Ordinary express shipping fee)

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